Visão e Valores

Our Vision

Merz has set itself an ambitious vision for the coming years. Our vision is rooted in our outstanding ability to innovate and to earn and maintain the admiration and trust of customers and patients alike.

In the past few years, Merz has consistently focused on two core businesses: Aesthetics and Neurotoxins. Thanks to an excellent product portfolio, strong regional products, in-house R&D capabilities, a global footprint, and committed shareholders and employees who support our strategy, the Company is fully equipped for future growth and success.

It is our vision to become the most admired, trusted and innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxin company.

Our mission

Our company founder Friedrich Merz identified people as the primary focus of his work. What do people really need? This was always his key question.

same mindset continues to guide Merz today. In everything we do, our goal is to make a significant contribution to human well-being.

It is our vision to become the most admired, trusted and innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxin company.

Our values

Our core values are the principles that unite and define the Merz way of working in every part of the world. As employees, leaders and affiliates of Merz, these are the mindsets and behaviors that we actively cultivate, support, and reward.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our company and the key to our continued growth. We effectively identify and relentlessly pursue the scientific developments and strategic investments that will drive our long-term success. We support Merz´s culture of innovation by empowering employees, rewarding risk-taking and encouraging personal accountability.

In all our work, both with customers and colleagues, we build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and integrity. We strive to demonstrate our open and collegial company culture at every opportunity, and we actively seek feedback from our partners, knowing that it makes our relationships stronger and more productive.

We are proud to share the Merz heritage of providing high quality and scientifically backed products and services for over a hundred years. We uphold high ethical standards throughout our company ensuring that our promises, work and results are trusted for years to come. We take a long-term view and we are committed to delivering profitability and financial sustainability for many years to come.