• Ultherapy® is celebrating 1 million treatments worldwide

    Since it's market entry in 2008, Ultherapy® has grown into a global leader among nonsurgical aesthetic and medical applications. It just reached a monumental milestone - one million treatments worldwide. It's time to celebrate.

    Learn more about the nonsurgicallift that's making beautiful changes arround the world.

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  • Dedicated to the development of botulinum neurotoxin for therapeutic use

    For patients with movement disorders, botulinum neurotoxin is often the treatment of choice. Merz´s expertise in this area has produced the only botulinum neurotoxin free from complexing proteins.

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    We are constantly working to advance new treatment standards and improve the quality of research, education and patient care.

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  • Merz has set itself an ambitious vision for the coming years. Our vision is rooted in our outstanding ability to innovate and to earn and maintain the admiration and trust of customers and patients alike.

    In the past few years, Merz has consistently focused on two core businesses: Aesthetics and Neurotoxins. Thanks to an excellent product portfolio, strong regional products, in-house R&D capabilities, a global footprint, and committed shareholders and employees who support our strategy, the Company is fully equipped for future growth and success.

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  • A Merz é uma companhia de presença global, com mais de 100 anos de história e repleta de inovações nas mais diversas áreas. Com um forte departamento de pesquisas, o Grupo Merz oferece produtos modernos e soluções únicas para melhorar a saúde e a qualidade de vida das pessoas.

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